Play group and lunch break in Wollerau

  • Our play group takes care of all children from the age of 2 and ½ years to kindergarten entry age.

  • The lunch break caters to all play group’s children, as well as kindergarten and school children.

  • Your children can look forward to a big in-door playground, a room for arts & crafts and playing games, as well as a big garden with a playground where they can romp around to their heart’s content.

  • Play group: 8.30 – 11.30
    Play group incl. lunch: 8.30 – 13.30
    Lunch break: 11.30 – 13.30
    Afternoon play group: 14.00 – 17.00

  • Admission possible at the beginning of each calendar quarter (August/November/February/May)

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In-door playground and children paradise on Zurich’s silver coast

Tukan Spielinsel – a paradise for your child


    We do arts & crafts outside and in with natural and recyclable materials, such as cans, toilet rolls, and much more.


    The character and needs of every child are at the heart of our philosophy. Your children can and should enjoy life and their childhood to the fullest.


    Your children will learn to state their points of view, be respectful, and help one another.


    We foster a respectful environment among the children. Your children will learn how to handle disputes fairly and how to make peace again.



  • Play group without lunch breakCHF 30.- (CHF 290.- per quarter)
  • Play group incl. lunch breakCHF 65.- (CHF 630.- per quarter)
  • Lunch breakCHF 20.- (CHF 195.- per quarter)
If you register for a second play group day, we will offer a 5% discount.
For the registration of each other sibling, we will offer a 5% discount.
The rates are to be paid every calendar quarter on the 1st August / 1st November / 1st February / 1st May.
So long as we have available places, the children may register at the beginning of each calendar quarter to the already running play group.
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Due to the Corona virus, we are closed to protect your children and relatives until after the spring break, May 10, 2020.
Thanks for your understanding.

About me
Claudia Walther
Claudia Walther

I am the mother of two children. My daughter is 6 years old and my son 3. I believe there is nothing more beautiful than seeing how children slide through life with joy and ease and how they approach every given task and confront different people without prejudice or judgement.

And it was precisely this wonderful feeling that brought me to open a play island in Wollerau, where the children can be exactly how they are and are allowed to feel just as they feel in the moment. We do arts & crafts following a theme with the most diverse materials, we play together board games, we dance, we climb, we act out role-playing games, or even just simply eat and chat or read in the designated cozy corner.

As wonderful as it is to watch your children grow up and engage life, as parents, there may be some difficult days, and you may just wish for a little break. I wish myself sometimes that there was a place where I could bring my darlings to play just for a short while, without having to register them for fixed appointments two times a week. So that I wouldn’t have to bring them to every one of my appointments and, on a Saturday, I could also go with my husband or a friend to a wellness spa, shopping, skiing or even just read a book at home.

So, I had the chance to open my Tukan Spielinsel when the municipality of Wollerau built a new kindergarten in Roosstrasse 51 and left the space unused. The charm of the 70s still permeates these rooms and I am truly happy to be able to welcome so many children in the brand-new play paradise.

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